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Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (The Nature of Trade in General)
by Richard Cantillon
Translated and edited by Henry Higgs; including additional materials by Jevons and Higgs

Available as individual pdf files by chapter or downloadable complete book.
More works by Richard Cantillon

This free e-book, with the French and English text side-by-side as originally prepared by Higgs, is available from the Library of Economics and Liberty in Adobe's Acrobat Reader (pdf) format for use on the PC and other platforms. If you do not already have a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader, you can download and install it free.

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Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (The Nature of Trade in General)
by Richard Cantillon, translated and edited by Henry Higgs
File size: approximately 47Meg zipped (49Meg unzipped)
Approximate download time: 1 hr. DSL; 3.5 hrs. phone line

Create a folder for the downloadable file, and save it into that folder. Then select and open the downloaded, zipped file. The zipped file will be unzipped using your unzip software (reliable alternatives if you do not have either installed by default: Winzip and pkzip). The book files will be created by the unzipping process. Acrobat Reader will then recognize these files as .pdf files and open them for you when you select them.

While the download is in process or when it is complete, you may wish to return to the Books page, or to make another selection from the navigation bar. Your downloading process will not be disrupted if you use your browser during the download; but if you are using a dialup connection, the download might take noticeably more time.

This works are also available as individual online pdf files by chapter.

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